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What to do first

Call us and we will guide you through all the necessary stages.

  • Obtain a medical certificate of cause of death signed by a doctor, or if the coroner is involved you will need to contact the Coroner's office for advice regarding registering the death.
  • Contact a funeral director. If the death occurs at home or in a nursing home, the funeral director will need to be contacted to take the deceased to a Chapel of Rest. You can discuss funeral arrangements as soon as you wish, but they cannot be formally confirmed until registration of death is completed.
  • Register the death by appointment, at the Registrar's office in the district where the person died, within 5 days from when death occurred. You can only register a death once you have the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death from the Doctor, OR in the case of a death reported to the coroner, confirmation from the coroner's office that the relevant paperwork has been issued to the Registrars.


WHO CAN REGISTER A DEATH (By law there are only certain people who can register a death):

  • A relative
  • Someone present at death
  • The occupier of the building where the death took place
  • The person instructing the Funeral Director
  • The person who found the body

(the registrar would normally only allow one of the other people listed above to register the death if there were no relatives available).


  • The date and place of death
  • Their full name and any other names they have used or been known by
  • Their date and place of birth
  • Their last occupation
  • If the deceased is married, widowed or has a formal civil partnership, the full name and occupation of their spouse or civil partner
  • Their usual addresss
  • The date of birth of a surviving spouse or civil partner
  • Details of ay public sector pension, eg civil service, teacher, armed forces

It is not necessary to have the following documents but if you do, please take them along. The deceased's:

  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage/civil partnership certificate
  • NHS Medical card


  • A certificate for Burial or Cremation (called the "green Form") giving permission for the body to be buried or cremated.
  • A notification of Registration of Death (form BD8 - white in colour) issued for the Department of Works and Pensions.
  • If the deceased is to be buried or cremated outside of England and Wales the coroner will issue the necessary forms.
  • You will be able to purchase any death certificates you require from the registrar at the time of registration. Current charges are 3.50 per copy.

Local Registrar Offices

TRAFFORD: Sale Town Hall,tatton Rd, Sale M33 7HY Tel: 0161 912 3025/6
SALFORD: Civic Centre, Chorley Rd, Swinton, M27 5DA Tel: 0161 909 6501
MANCHESTER: Heron House, 47 Lloyd St, M2 5LE Tel: 0161 234 5005
STOCKPORT: Stockport Town Hall, John St, Stockport, SK1 3XE Tel: 0161 474 3399

For more information, please call 0161 748 2121 or email

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